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Brief of company

Award-winning, as a leading DMC Japan by World Travel Award in 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022. We are proud to be a Japan- specialist travel company with the head office in Tokyo, contact office in Canada and support office in Vietnam. Our company is managed by a veteran team of Travel Professionals with over 25 years of combined experience in managing Destination  Management companies with a true passion for Japan, who genuinely believes in cultivating sustainable business practice. We are passionate about what we do and our mission is to spread Japan's unparalleled culture, history, food, nature, festivals to the world and assemble an extraordinary local experience for our guests in a responsible way.

We hope to share our genuine experience, and our everyday inspiration to live and breathe Japan by crafting a rewarding journey for our discerning clients. Flawless nationwide network with local stakeholders, enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides, coupled with a passionate internal team, we believe you'll have an unforgettable travel experience while traveling with B JAPAN TOURS.

Meet Our Team

Pankaj Pradhan

20 years of hands on experience in Tourism industry in Asia. Started the humble beginning as a Tour Leader in 2001. Over the period, held several executive management positions for well respected Travel Companies in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Indian Subcontinent. Specialized in setting up successful Destination Management Companies.

Pankaj spends most of his time traveling across Europe to develop and nurture strong connection with international trade partners, and also promoting the tourism prospect about Japan, which he loves and is passionate about.
After spending sometime in Japan, traveling across the country, working with the locals, and being part of day to day life, he is thrilled to have discovered the real beauty of Japan and her stunning diverse culture. And, very excited to share this passion with trade partners.

He has travelled across 30 countries in the world and wishes to visit 50 countries in the next 10 years. 

Pankaj Pradhan

20 years of hands on experience in Tourism industry in Asia. Started the humble beginning as a Tour Leader in 2001. Over the period, held several executive management positions for well respected Travel Companies in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Indian Subcontinent. Specialized in setting up successful Destination Management Companies.

Pankaj spends most of his time traveling across Europe to develop and nurture strong connection with international trade partners, and also promoting the tourism prospect about Japan, which he loves and is passionate about.
After spending sometime in Japan, traveling across the country, working with the locals, and being part of day to day life, he is thrilled to have discovered the real beauty of Japan and her stunning diverse culture. And, very excited to share this passion with trade partners.

He has travelled across 30 countries in the world and wishes to visit 50 countries in the next 10 years. 

Mizue Takagi
CEO & Japan Rep. Director

CEO & Founder
Proud Works Co.,Ltd.

MBA, University of Wales,
Experienced Hotel and Travel industry over 30 years.
Hilton Osaka, Hyatt Regency Osaka as Director of Sales & Marketing, i.JTB as Strategic Marketing Director to established inbound website ‘JAPANiCAN&;, Director of Sales at Abilitas Hospitality under Goldman Sachs group, VP,business development at AGORA Hospitalities to improve Hotel and Ryokan business performance.
Established Proud Works Co.,Ltd. in March 2019 as well as Hotel Marketing support company as HRM Inc. in 2018.

Hirayama Atsushi
Director of Purchasing

Hirayama Atsushi has more than 30 years of experience in the travel industry in Oceania, Europe, and Japan. He has vast experience and knowledge in the various areas of purchasing, marketing, sales, operations, customer service, and management during his time working in many renowned international companies ranging from Buffalo Tours Japan, Travel Corporation Japan, JTB Australia, NTA, Australia, Pacific International Group & Thomas Cook Ltd., Australia. In recent years he has also been involved in the online distribution of hotels, tours & activities. 

Noriyuki Aramaki
Hotels & Ryokans Reservations Manager

Aramaki has been working in travel industry for a long time as travel consultant and customer service staff for overseas travel agents. He used to focus on his job but soon he realize the brilliance of Japan during his time in Nagoya, after observing the beauty of Shirakawa-go, ninja town Iga, historical trail Kumano Kodo and Okuoikojo station. Needless to say, in his heart, Japanese hospitality and cuisine are second to none. He loves travelling on his own, and also being a part of tours. Aramaki believes that providing good travel service is our duty to satisfy customers.

Manami Kimoto
Accounts&Administration Manager

Manami has dedicated her career to the hospitality and tourism industries, working in various back-office roles. She began her back-office career in early 2018, working in HR and administration before moving to accounts and eventually joining B Japan Tours. Regardless of her specific role, Manami enjoys serving international travelers and helping them discover the beauty of Japan's landscapes, cuisine and traditional culture.

Yuka Ogawa
Operations/Guide Relations Manager

After graduating from vocational college in Mar 2016, i started to work at Inbound travel agency in Japan. My responsibilities were to look after various types of tours from crafting inspirational itinerary, making attractive proposals for southeast asia area as sales person for 3years. It was very rewarding experience, which i enjoyed a lot. After that I was awarded with another amazing opportunity to work at Manila, Philippines as a tour operator for 1year serving clients from many parts of the world including Japanese. During my stay in Philippines, i made many local friends and traveled extensively.
I am proud to have the chance to learn new things and broaden my horizon while working in Travel Industry. I believe that Japan still has many amazing unknown places where i would like to connect with our clients to understand about our unique culture, food, landscape. 

Yoshimi Nagai
Hotel, Restaurant Purchasing Assistant

Initially I worked at InterContinental Geneva. After returning to Japan, as an outbound tour coordinator, I was impressed by the beautiful scenery and encounters with various hotels in interesting cities such as Central Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, North Africa, Australia, North America and South America. After that, I was in charge of sales at Hilton, Hyatt, Swissotel, and Nikko hotels in Japan. Even now, we provide domestic hotel sales support through my connection.
My hobbies are sea fishing (targeting big fish from the shore) and orchards (planting various trees at my parents' house in Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture). I am looking forward to seeing you all.

Rainbow Cheung
Operations Manager

Ms. Rainbow graduated with a double degree from the UK and Switzerland in 2012 majoring in Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Management. She has been working in the inbound industry (mainly the Asian market) since 2015 in Japan. Every day for Rainbow is a new challenge and she is willing to take those challenges to learn and grow. Japan is a country that contains both “Tangible cultural assets” (Landscapes, Historical Shrines, and Temples, Theme parks, etc.) and “Intangible cultural assets” (Kendo, Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, Kimono Culture, or Modern Cultures e.g., Japanese idols, Anime, Comic) that attracts lots of foreigners visiting every year. It is her pleasure to work in this industry introducing the beauty, the culture of Japan to foreigners.
目指すべき所に、近道は存在しない。(There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.) As long as we work hard and work smart, we will be there. 

Linh Dang Nhat
Marketing&Reservation Support Team Leader

After graduating in 2013, majoring in Commerce, Linh realized her enthusiasm was about supporting tourists to find the authentic travel experience and connecting with the local community in Vietnam. She had worked as Marketing & Business Strategic Development Executive for an inbound travel company for one year, Hotel Coordinator Executive of a Vietnamese OTA for two years before joining in Beauty of Japan Tours. With her existing knowledge about marketing and continuous development in knowledge about Japan, she hope to bring out the best of Japan to tourist all around the world.

Bishwa Nath Chaudhary
Operations & Reservations Executive

Bishwa Nath Chaudhary worked in many companies before joining us. He used to work with travel companies with positions as a Sales and marketing executive, and a Customer support executive. The detailed and thoughtful customer service of Japan's hospitality industry has inspired him to work in the travel industry.  He loves to see the pleasant gestures from clients after they are satisfied with our service.  

Krystian Wolniak
Operations & Reservations Executive

Kris has worked for 3 years as a Project Manager on construction for a real estate development company and then for 2 years as an Investment and Renovation Inspector for a real estate management department of a municipal company in Poland. Out of curiosity, Kris took some Japanese language classes. Since then, he developed a very deep interest in the Japanese language and many aspects of Japanese culture. He enjoys working and interacting with people of different nationalities.  And he hopes that working in the travel industry will let him experience different sides of Japan while sharing his passion for this beautiful and unique country with others.

Nishan Khanal
Operations & Reservations Executive

Nishan used to work as a hotel receptionist. To Nishan, Japan has a lot to offer, from the beauty of nature, the traditional culture, and even modern technology. Nishan wants more people to travel to this beautiful country, even If it's just once in a lifetime so he join the travel industry, to help more people get easier access to Japan.

Thapamagar Krishna
Operations & Reservations Executive

Hi, I'm Thapamagar Krishna. I spent 4 years working in hospitality as a concierge, helping guests explore new places. Now, I'm living in Japan, a country that blends stunning nature with cutting-edge technology. From serene landscapes to digital museums, Japan's unique blend left me awestruck on my first visit 8 years ago. Daily life here feels futuristic, with small innovations like high-tech toilets and lightning-fast bullet trains making a big difference.  I want to share this amazing country with others! When I'm not exploring new places myself, I enjoy anime and PC games.

Alessandro Vailati
Operations & Reservations Executive

Alessandro Vailati graduated from the University of Milano Bicocca in 2018 with a degree in the Science of Tourism and local community studies. His journey into Japanese culture began at Yokohama Design College from 2022 to 2024, where he honed his language skills. During university, he interned at a local travel agency, sparking his passion for the industry. His career took him to the United States, where he worked as a waiter and cultural representative at an Italian restaurant in Epcot Center, Walt Disney World. Despite the pandemic prompting a return to Italy, Alessandro seized opportunities in various roles, eventually making his way to Japan.

For two years, he contributed to a shipping company, gaining invaluable insights into Japanese work culture. Eager to deepen his understanding and share his enthusiasm for Japan, Alessandro pursued a career in the travel industry. His goal is to unveil Japan beyond the conventional tourist spots, offering travelers enriching experiences tailored to their interests. With each journey, he aims to impart his profound knowledge and passion, ensuring every guest discovers the country's hidden gems.

Minh Le Quang
Reservation Support Executive

This is my first professional experience, and I am both excited and nervous. I am eager to learn and grow in a new environment, and I view this as an opportunity to advance my career. While I did not originally intend to work in the travel industry, I was drawn to Japan through its pop culture, including anime, manga, and light novels. I am fascinated by Japan's natural beauty, and after completing my degree in Japanese Language and Culture, I decided to pursue a career in the Japanese travel industry. I am fortunate and honored to work as a Reservation Support Specialist at Beauty of Japan, one of the leading travel companies in the industry.

Martin Tetsuo Izumi
Inbound Operations/
Customer Care Executive

Martin Tetsuo Izumi, a multicultural individual raised abroad, has spent the past five years in Japan enriching his life with diverse experiences. Through various jobs, he has interacted with people from a range of backgrounds, fostering a broad perspective and strong interpersonal skills. This global mindset fuels his belief in the power of experience to build bridges between cultures.

Motivated by a lifelong desire to reconnect with his Japanese heritage, Martin returned to Japan five years ago. Here, he has been captivated by the beauty of nature, the exquisite cuisine, the rich cultural tapestry, and the unique atmosphere. This experience has deepened his appreciation for his dual identity and ignited a passion to share his love for Japan with others. Particularly fond of traditional Japanese settings and cuisine, Martin especially enjoys soaking in the serenity of onsen (hot springs).

Kiyoshi Jinno
Tour Guide

Kiyoshi Jinno is our guide in Kyoto, Fukuoka and other surrounding cities. He believes that guides are not merely ‘interpreters' of Japan, but passionate assistants of clients' experiences in the country. As a professional tour guide, he is honored to entertain them as a ‘private diplomat'. Jinno is eager to discover clients' interest, and customize the tour as flexible as possible within the original itinerary, such as propose the region's photogenic destinations, connect with local experience, local specialty restaurants, etc. Meet him in Fukuoka city for enjoying cuisine at traditional Yatai izakayas, or fresh and reasonable price sushi at local places. Cycle with him on the scenic Kibiji-plain to feel the breeze of the Japanese countryside. Join him in the ‘Real Maiko encounter walking' in Kyoto are recommended must-have experiences by Kiyoshi Jinno himself.

Ayano Suzuki
Inbound Operation & Reservation Executive

Ayano Suzuki is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in banking and hospitality. After graduating from university, she embarked on a seven-year career at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), where she gained valuable experience in retail banking, custody planning in the Debt Finance Sales Department, and sustainable business promotion in the Wholesale Division.
In 2022, Ayano moved to Nepal to manage a Japanese restaurant, enriching her expertise in international business operations. She returned to Japan in May 2024 and joined BOJT in June, driven by a passion for showcasing Japan's unique cultural treasures to a global audience.
Ayano is excited about the potential of the inbound tourism industry and is committed to overcoming the challenges of this dynamic field. She aims to leverage her extensive experience while continuously learning and growing in this new environment. Ayano sees her role at BOJT as a unique opportunity to contribute to the industry and promote the hidden gems of her homeland, Japan.

Yuichiro Nakano
Tour Guide

Yuichiro Nakano is a national licensed tour guide working with us for several years, assisting our clients from Europe and United States. Previously, Nakano had spent 20 years working overseas, and that's how he got to meet many friends, business partners from various countries, got familiar with various cultures. From his perspective, Japan in the country's over 1000 years of history, has been doing its best in keeping traditions with modern culture coexist. Nowadays, there are many tangible and intangible assets of Japan&;s tradition remain. Not to mention that each region in Japan has their unique lifestyle continuing for hundreds of years, such as cuisine, handicrafts, festivals and distinguished nature beauty in different seasons. Nakano is delighted to be not a tour guide, but a reliable friend of your in your sake experiences, or trip to holy land of anime – Akihabara, Ikebukuro, Japanese pub – Izakaya, Shinjuku… which are his recommendations.

​Emiko Kamoshita
Tour Guide

Emiko Kamoshita has been working as a tour guide for 8 years. Since she has been living in Tokyo for a long time, she is our guide for Tokyo and the surrounding regions. In her eyes, Tokyo is an incredibly large city with extremely complicated train system, though highly efficient and handy once you get used to. Kamoshita is always catching up with latest info & events around this bustling city. She enjoys assisting international clients. Her motto is to make clients assured, excited, happy during their trips with her. Kamoshita is passionate to keep clients interest by being informative through good conversation sharing them about numerous aspects like history, culture, tradition, economy, education, custom, life style... An experienced, friendly guide that will introduce you to Japanese sake & wine, tea ceremony, sumo, Japanese history; and various attractions around Tokyo.

​Tadashi Miyamoto
Tour Guide

Tadashi Miyamoto is our guide in Chugoku District and Shikoku Island. He is based in Hiroshima, the city famous for being largely destroyed by an atomic bomb during World War II but successfully resurrected. Miyamoto strong points are historical heritages in this area, such as castles, feudal lord gardens, shrines, temples. He is seen active in showing clients these places together with the related historical and cultural background. To Miyamoto, Japan has a long history and each of those heritages is positioned as a part of it. As he spent several years in Germany, he speaks a little German..He believes that the different foods in this area offers additional enjoyment in the tour. His must-try recommendations are: Hiroshima style okonomiyaki, fresh oyster and eel congee; skipjack tuna in Kochi; udon noodle in Takamatsu. Also, traditional Kagura play is also not to be missed for those who stay overnight on Saturday in Hiroshima.

Chieko Horiuchi
Tour Guide

Chieko Horiuchi is the guide in Tokyo. Since, Tokyo is her home town, she spends her leisure time visiting new restaurants and shopping around the city center. She loves Japanese cuisine including ramen, yakitori, tempura, sushi…and it's her desire to share those experiences with clients. In addition, Tokyo walking tour is another Horiuchi's favorite tour, where she promise to take clients to not only Tokyo highlight, popular but also less-touristic destinations. She also enjoy special tours like mountain walking in Nakasendo and Hakone. Once lived in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Horiuchi recommends Kyushu to the visitors to go hiking, and submerge at a healthy onsen bath.

Miho Agatsuma
Tour Guide

Miho Agatsuma is a Guide/ Tour Leader of Beauty of Japan Tours. Agatsuma believes that Japan's beautiful and rich nature makes people relax, meanwhile the country contemporary culture makes us rich in offering. Each and every prefecture of Japan&;s 47 prefectures has its different characters and charms such as in their cuisine and customs. However, they all have one thing in common - Japanese hospitality, it can be witnessed everywhere, from the restaurants, hotels to tourist sites. Agatsuma respects each person's interests and travel styles, and suggest the place and activity that suit clients the best. She is in love with the idea of travelling to beautiful nature place in Japan, enjoy a hot springs bath (onsen) while looking at the superb view of nature with a cup of sake, which is also her recommendation for your trip to Japan! Onsen is the best for recovering from fatigue and improving health.

Asako Onishi
Tour Guide

Asako Onishi is Beauty of Japan Tours guide in Japan&;s former capital Kyoto. Onishi is proud to show you her unique country with beautiful nature, history, ancient tradition fused with modern life, with a wide variety of delicious food. She treasures every moment with her clients, serves them with her best hospitality to make clients trip unforgettable, just like the cultural concept “ICHI-GO, ICHI-E”, which means “Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur”. Onishi has profound knowledge of Japanese gardens, wooden structures, history, cuisine and culture in general. She recommends clients to experience: Kyoto's Japanese style gardens, hot springs, tea ceremony, sake, soba noodles, Japanese rice crackers snacks: sembei or okaki, okonomiyaki, and omurice… once they have a chance to visit Japan. She is eagerly waiting to welcome the clients to Japan and provide unforgettable experiences.

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Every single members at B JAPAN TOURS are passionate in practicing the basics of Sustainable travel principle. It maybe small steps such as being mindful not to waste the energy at the office, using public and eco friendly transport that reflects in our itinerary suggestion, working alongside with the locals, promoting community based experience and many more.

We like to keep things fairly simple, easy to understand and practiced by us, partners and our guest alike. That is why, we believe in working hand to hand with hands on approach instead of creating multiple pages of policy and principles, which seems to be getting trendier in the Industry. Below is our illustration in how we embrace and translate Sustainable travel at B JAPAN TOURS.