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Covid 19 Update News and Travel Alerts

Updated 22 June 2021

Coronavirus latest updates:

International borders for leisure clients remains closed, there are no significant signs that Japanese borders will be opened to large number of tourists soon.

Current state of tourism: borders closed.

Domestic situation

In the meantime, the state of emergency has been lifted again in all prefectures, except in Okinawa where it is scheduled to continue until July 11.

Japan's vaccination: Inoculation of the rest of the under 65-year-old population is also picking up the pace, and the country is expected to be able to vaccinate the entire population by November. Currently, thousands of Japanese companies began distributing COVID-19 vaccines to workers and their families Monday in an employer-led drive reaching more than 13 million people that aims to rev up the nation's slow vaccine rollout. About 3,500 companies have signed up for the free vaccines, and that number is growing. The companies must present a plan to inoculate at least 1,000 people per site. But they decide whom to include, such as families, affiliate companies and suppliers. Universities are also eligible. Smaller companies can apply through organizations, such as the local merchant association, so ideally no one falls through the cracks, according to the health ministry.

In Japan's cities, public transportation hasn't been greatly affected. However, airlines continue to suspend a considerable amount of their domestic flights, while long-distance railway services are operating generally according to regular schedules.

International Travel Restriction

Due to the spread of the contagious virus, and to prepare for the Olympics & Paralympic Games 2020+1, Japan is stopping border entrance until further notice to all new foreign arrivals except foreign residents of Japan or under special circumstances.

It is currently undecided when regular tourists will again be able to enter the country.

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