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Tours - Yuzen Dyeing Experience in Kyoto
Kyo-Yuzen is a dyeing technique that originated in the middle of the Edo period, towards the end of the 17th century. The dye is directly applied to the fabric and the designs often depict nature and animals of the different seasons with vivid and vibrant colors.
Fully hand-made Kyo-Yuzen products are incredibly complex. It takes 26 stages from scratch till the end, just for dyeing. Throughout the years, people have invented easier methods like textile printing and pattern painting, so that more and more people can experience how to create their custom-made Kyo-Yuzen products.
This experience will take place in machiya - an old traditional Kyoto townhouse. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of Kyoto while making your Kyo-Yuzen products. You can choose among handkerchiefs, folding fans, and tapestry experiences. Please contact us for a specific experience (handkerchiefs, folding fans, or tapestry) as the price varies accordingly.   
A nice café is located in the machiya, so you can enjoy a drink after this interesting experience.
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