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Tours - Takayama Spring Festival
Takayama Spring Festival is one of Japan's three most beautiful festivals (the other two are: Kyoto's Gion Matsuri and Chichibu Yomatsuri). The beauty of this spring festival attracts plenty of spectators during the festival period. Held annually from April 14 to 15, the spring  festival is of the Hie Shrine in the southern half of Takayama's old town. Main attractions of the Takayama Festival:
  • Display of festival floats: festival floats (yatai) are displayed in the streets of Takayama
  • Karakuri (Mechanical Dolls) Performance: some festival floats are decorated with karakuri ningyo, the sophisticated mechanical dolls.The performances are held on both days at dedicated times and places.
  • Mikoshi Procession: A portable shrine (mikoshi) is carried around the town in a parade during the two days of the festival.
  • Evening Festival (Yomatsuri): the festival floats are pulled through the streets of Takayama's old town
In case of bad weather, these events might be cancelled or happened at yatai storehouses (the storehouse of festival floats).
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