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Tours - Nature Walking Tour in Yakushima
What is Yakushima?
Yakushima... An island of moss green, a botanical treasury plenty of forests from ancient times, showered forever by the southern heaven, where the islanders live along the vivid cycle of four seasons more intimately than elsewhere in Japan...
This island is not entitled the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO for no reason. 
So, we are here to help you know and experience what Yakushima is about! 
Enjoy Yakushima field tour with our licensed local guide!
What is Yakusugi? 
The answer is in this Land of ancient cedar forest
Easy and relaxing, how about a cup of tea or coffee by the creek?
Even if you don't wish to do trekking at all, you can still enjoy an easy walk in the ancient forest in this course.
- Trekking shoes(if you choose longer course)
- Trekking poles(if needed)
- Rainwear (a set of jacket and pants, if you choose longer course)
- Backpack (enough size to carry what you want/need to take with you)
The short course goes for 1-2hours. It's very safe. When it rains, you can use your umbrella and walk in the rain!
Then, we take you to sightseeing for the rest of the tour day (check also Sightseeing).
If you wish to spend more time in the forest, the course includes a wild trail and the tour becomes trekking at parts. However, the longer you walk, the deeper you get into the forest. It's worthwhile.
Do you prefer to prepare your meal for the tour on your own? 
If "NO", the lunch (also morning for some tour) we offer is Japanese style "Bento" (lunch box) like in the picture gallery: 1. Rice Balls 2. Cooked Burdock 3. Fried Chicken 4. Fried Fish Ball 5. Mackerel 6. Rolled Omellets
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