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Tours - Miyama Town Program
A remote area in the mountains to the north of central Kyoto, Miyama is home to the traditional thatched roof (kayabuki) farmhouses of which over 200 can be seen here. Unlike those found in many other historic landmarks, the majority of Miyama old houses survive as residential dwellings until today. The villages embrace the nostalgic, authentic feel of rural Japan.

The main attraction in Miyama is Kayabuki no Sato, which features nearly 40 kayabuki farmhouses. Visitors can stroll around and learn more about the history of the village with local guide. Most buildings are privately owned and not open to the public, and one of the exceptions is the Kayabuki no Sato Folk Museum – where traditional tools and daily household items from past decades are displayed. Another place is Little Indigo Museum, a thatched roof building which has been converted into and indigo dyeing studio and gallery. The remaining open-to-public places are local minshuku, café and souvenir shops.


We believe the best way to submerge in Miyama atmosphere is to stay in a thatched roof house. An overnight give visitors the chance to experience a traditional Japanese style home as a local family member. These old wooden homes convey a pleasant, rustic atmosphere, yet at the same time typically equipped with simple, modern amenities for guest comfort.

The mountain retreat of Kyoto is also renowned for the abundance of outdoor activities, including Ayu fshing, rafting, trekking along the waterfall or the forest, and many more. If you are feeling adventurous, there are some serious trekking trails for you to enjoy. Follow a hidden forest trekking course for admiration of Otodani Waterfall's beauty or follow trails through the mountainous Ashiu Forest to immerse in the nature landscape of Miyama.


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